Could Santa be Bringing Snow Already?

The clouds and wind may not go away anytime soon. So get used to them. And maybe, just maybe a bit of snow is coming our way.

Eric Horst, meterologist at Millersville University doesn’t predict a big storm any time soon. He thinks any precipitation this week will be a “mixed bag.”

That means a little rain, a little sleet and maybe a few snowflakes.

“The winds that we have been having, come from Canada due to the jet stream,” said Horst.  “Though we have had flurries, that may be it.  There will be a mixed storm trend but no threat of real snow (storm) like last year.”

And if you think it’s too cold for the beginning of December, you are right.

Wind and cold temperatures are making December feel like January.

“The temperature that we’ve been enduring is ten degrees below average for this time of year,” said Horst.   “The average is 45 degrees for this time of year and even though it’s this cold, we aren’t getting snow.”

The winds coming from Canada may bring about a foot of snow to mountainous regions, according to weather predictors. But for Lancaster County, we won’t be getting any real snowfall anytime soon.

Thursday skies are predicted to clear and the wind will lessen.  Clouds should begin to gather as a weak disturbance passes over the Northeast part of the state during the weekend.

“Sunday there may be some mixed precipitation and that trend will follow us all winter,” said Horst.

By Kim