Gas Could be Gone 100 Years Before We Have a Solution

Gas could soon be gone so the demand is higher, as are the prices. Photo courtesy of

Imagine no way to get to school, how are you gonna mow your lawn? And imagine a cold winter night with no heat.

Picture a world without gasoline, and a 100 year gap in between no gas and the solution for it.

That’s what the world is looking at in the year 2041, about 30 years from now.

Recently researchers from the University of California at Davis did research on current share prices of oil and alternative energy companies. Their goal was to predict when replacement fuels will be ready to replace the ever quickly disappearing oil.

Based on what the researchers found, their was no good news to tell.

If in 2008 the world use of oil reserves was 1.332 trillion barrels per year, oil could be depleted by 2041, says the study published online by Environmental Science and Technology.

Through research, UC- Davis researchers found that the depleted oil solution wont be solved until the middle of the next century. The researchers looked over the share prices of nearly 25 oil companies world wide.

Along with filling up our tanks, oil is also used to remove tar, and start fires, while Polybrominated Biphenyls could be used as a fire retarder.

Student’s at Penn Manor had different opinions on the matter.

“I find it highly unlikely,” Said Kevin Kann. Like many others he seems to think that saying we’ll run out of gas is just a trend.

“When I was your age in high school, I was told gas would run out in 2000, that was back in the sixties. Highly unlikely,” said James Yearsley. “We’re smart enough to find a solution. The Germans had a solution called synthetic gas during the World War (WWII), they weren’t smarter than us.”

Although the University of California thinks we won’t have a solution for a decade, Senior Jaquan Presbery thinks otherwise. “By the time we run out of gas we will have hoover cars, so it doesn’t matter.”

By Brian Dunne

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