Penn Manor School Board Breakfasts at the High School

A milestone for Penn Manor staff and board members alike was marked with coffee and muffins Friday morning in the high school library.

It was the first time all of the school board members and staff had an official meet-and-greet and the outcome was reportedly positive.

“This is the first year we’ve had a meet-and-greet,” said district superintendent Dr. Michael Leichliter. “Last month was the first meet-and-greet with the Marticville staff. Next month’s in Conestoga.  It’s important for teachers and the school board to have an open and close relationship.”

Many teachers arrived early to get into the library for a quick bite and to shoot the breeze with school board members.

The newest school board member, Amber Green, who is filling a vacant position, was grateful for the chance to meet staff members as part of her responsibility to the board.

“It’s a very wonderful school board and there’s lots to learn, said Green, “I thought there would be drama, but there isn’t really. We work together to solve problems and they usually get resolved at the end of the meeting.

Teachers grab a quick bite during the Me
Teachers grab a quick bite during the high school's meet-and-greet Photo by Sarah Schaeffer

“There isn’t any cloak-and-dagger drama, like you see on TV,” added Green. “Everyone on the school board is really mellow.”

Green said she felt it was important for the school board to meet with the teachers and have a meeting that gave them some face time.

“Instead of just knowing their names,” said Green.

School board president Dr. Richard Frerichs said this was an opportune time to have a meeting with teachers and staff at various schools in the district.

Dr. Rich Frerichs addresses the board and faculty Friday morning. Photo by Sarah Schaeffer

“Now we have a governor that vowed to put money into public schools and we need partnerships with school board and teachers in order to make the best of things,” Frerichs said.

Staff members agreed.

“It’s helpful for a lot of teachers to gather,” said Teri Hay, an art teacher in the high school.

“There’s a lot of e-mail communication and open communication with Dr. Leichliter, Mr. Gale,” said Hay.  “I don’t have the e-mail addresses of the board members but if I needed them, I know I’d be able to get in contact.”

“Because of how big the building is, it brings all the different departments together,” said Krista Cox, an administrator in her second year of being part of the staff at Penn Manor.

By Ben Embry and Sarah Schaeffer

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