Apple Store’s “Wrap It Up” Sale For Friday

Everyone is getting ready for Black Friday, especially the Apple Store.

Their big one-day-only holiday event will not only consist of falling prices on their products, but will also leave jaws dropping to the floor.  Whether you’re looking for iPods, an iMac, iPhones, or even an iPad, you will sure find a deal on Friday.

Many Penn Manor students have their eye on all kinds of products available at the Apple Store and hope to either get what’s on their wish list for Christmas. They will be roaming the store in just a few short hours due to this big sale.

“I think that they’ll have all their products on sale with decent prices,” said Penn Manor senior Josh Carle.

“I want an iPod car adaptor for Christmas,” said Laura Revelt.

Both Veronica Willig and Zach Campbell, seniors at Penn Manor, say they want the new iPhone for for Christmas.

“It will be a more reasonable price on Black Friday, and I think my parents would absolutely love to buy me one for Christmas,” jokes Willig.

Not only will the students at Penn Manor be checking out the Apple Store, but their parents as well.

Sophomore Linda Marie Olsen explained that her parents will probably be purchasing an Apple product for the holidays.

“I need a new phone and I want the iPhone, but they’ll probably give my older brother the iPhone or laptop, not me,” said Olsen.

Brandon Schuman will be Black Friday shopping at the Apple Store.

“I’ll check out the Apple Store, they’ll have all sorts of stuff on sale.  I’m going to get the Macbook Air for myself,” said Schuman.

Even though many people have these products on their wish lists, some tend to run the other direction when it comes to Black Friday shopping.

“I won’t be going shopping,” says teacher Gordon Eck, “but I hope to eventually get an iPad. I already have an iPod though.”

By Jenna Reel