Untangling a Fairy Tale will Delight all Ages

Get your family tangled in this exciting new Disney movie. Tangled is an other comical Disney movie based off of the classic story of Rapunzel.

In this twist, Mandy Moore voices an emotional Rapunzel who ends up trapped in a tower by her conniving stepmother. Along comes Flynn Rider, voiced by Zachary Levi, a charming young man who wants to save the princess from the tower, but gets held hostage by Rapunzel.

The movie Tangled is coming out this holiday season

Their adventure begins when the princess escapes the tower using her hair. They battle the bad guys with their trusty animal side kicks. Rapunzel is full of boundless energy and is guilt-wielded from leaving the tower. But she must do this to be with the one she loves.

If you are a Disney fan, this a must-see for your family. With the beautiful art work and the extensive animation, this is another Disney success.

Many critics voted this movie three stars out of four. The theatrical grounded songs in Tangled are similar to the music in the heartwarming movie Beauty and the Beast.

The movie untangles its self to theaters November 23, 2010.

The movie will be shown at both the Regal Manor 16 and the new Penn Cinema.

By Dezire Diaz