Top Gifts For Teens Online and at the Mall

With Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner, the stress of finding the perfect gift is becoming more and more of a treasure hunt.

It’s hard to know exactly what a high school student’s hoping to wake up to on Christmas morning?

Here’s a map to find at least some of the gifts teens at Penn Manor are seeking, which is not in any particular order.

1.  Ugg boots seem to be a popular trend for girls. Even though many girls own a pair of Ugg boots already, they seem to want more!

“I really want a new pair of UGGS!” said Samantha McCrery.

2. Laptop computers are a popular gift for teens in high school, mostly because students are graduating and will be entering college in the near future. Laptops are a necessity for college students and are in high demand.

3. As the prices for gas are continuing to rise, many teens from Penn Manor High School are asking for gas cards or any type of money for to pay for gas.

4. Another gift requested by teens in the high school is an iTrip so that they are able to listen to their iPod while driving.

5. Kids who have older cars that can’t accommodate the newer technology, like an iTrip or FM transmitter, hope to get CDs on Christmas morning.

6. A gift request, common to all high school students, seems to be any type of game system or video game controller. For example, ps3 and xbox are on many teens’ gift lists.

7. Here’s another idea: concert tickets and game tickets, whether they are professional football or basketball tickets.

8. Some students want a sound system for their car, or surround sound for their rooms. When many seniors go to college next year they hope to have surround sound in their dorms.

9. A mall gift card is always welcome.  You can use it for anything and get change back.

10. Clothes and jewelry will also surprise and delight your teen on Christmas morning.  Outfits from American Eagle, Forever 21, Nike and PacSun are a few suggestions. Tiffany’s jewelry, while expensive, is a classic and sought after gift.

So Santas, get shopping.  Black Friday and Christmas will be here before you know it.

By Mary Treier

9 thoughts on “Top Gifts For Teens Online and at the Mall”

  1. You didn’t capitalize Xbox or Ps3, you should capitalize those.

    Also, where is the proof that those are in the correct order?
    Your numerical ordering shows UGGs at the top, but I know few people who would want those over a new laptop or game system.

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  4. Uggs are still wildly popular among girls and guys may want the gaming system. If you’re a guy, I definitely think you’d want the Xbox over a pair of Uggs but hey you never know…(jk :^)) But honestly I think the Apple products this holiday season are in extremely high demand. The new iPods, the iPad and defnitely their line of laptops will sell for sure.

  5. This is the embodiment of the greedy and exaggeratedly spoiled environment that is teenage america. Most people in the world could only dream of being able to afford things on this list.

    P.s. i still cant understand why people spend $200 for a pair of uggly boots.

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  7. Also, it says specifically at the top that they are in no specific order. So no need to blow your cool over this brah.

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