Sophomore Standout Back of the Week

Lancaster Lebanon back of the week was awarded to sophomore Daulton Parmer.

Parmer, the Comets slot back, earned himself the award not usually given to sophomores. He found out by the LL insider when they posted the award.

Parmer was evaluated during play by local sportswriters.

Parmer on top of his game. Photo by Kyle Hallett

When the comets played Cedar Crest, Parmer had 300 offensive yards along with three touchdowns.

Parmer was a key player during the game and is expected to remain valuable throughout his high school career.

“That was the most yards and touchdowns I have had in one game,” said Parmer.  “I was pumped about the award and I’m really happy all of my hard work paid off.”

Parmer is a starter as a slot back and also defensive back.

“This award was a great opportunity and I love the recognition I am getting,” said Parmer.

By Kyle Hallett