Hanna is Speaking to the Crowd

Hanna shares public speaking experiences. Photo By: Whitney Reno

Oh no… I have to speak in front of the whole class? My hands are shaking, my voice is going to falter, I can’t do this.

Many students feel this way and now there is a club just for them at Penn Manor.

Quay Hanna, known as Penn Manor’s “Redneck,” because he runs a group to ease racial tensions and increase understanding at the school,  has started a Speakers’ Club, designated to helping students improve their public speaking skills.

Hanna is a member of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) and was appointed to offer the club as a way for the Association to contribute and give back to the community and high school students.

Quay, along with other public speakers, will be coming to visit the students in the club to give them tips on how to better their public speaking skills.

“It’s top notch advice to students for free,” said Hanna.

“These are skills that would have helped me when I was 17 or 18,” said Hanna.

Once a month Hanna will invite anyone to come to his office, located in the faculty lounge in the cafeteria, during Tuesday club to listen to the presentations. The topics will include how to write a presentation, deal with hecklers and business speaking.

Hanna said he feels that this will be beneficial to anyone with any background, no matter what field of work they want to pursue.

“If you can communicate, you will stand out,” Hanna says.

Hanna says he has found some difficulty in getting this club started because it’s available for anyone so he is unsure of what to expect.

Student's attended the Speaker's Club on Nov. 16. Photo By: Whitney Reno

He said that anyone who is interested in this club should sign up in the office.

He hopes to gain a core of people that come to every club, so eventually there can be a competition involving the skills they’ve learned. All student speakers will give a five minute presentation, and the winner will hopefully receive a cash prize.

Hanna’s hopes are that they can develop this core of people who come to each club, but says he “tends to think too big.”

This Tuesday, Nov. 16, Hanna shared some of his experiences while giving a presentation.

Next month’s presenter will be the president of the NSA who will tell the students about marketing their speaking and branding, or what you’re known for as a speaker.

Ally Emmert, a senior attended the first presentation.

“I think it’s going to be really beneficial because public speaking is something you can always use,” said Emmert.

By Whitney Reno

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  1. A lot of the stuff that was said in Hanna’s presentation was great. I can’t wait to do it again next month!

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