Gas Prices Burning Holes in Students’ Wallets

That day of the week that everyone dreads is always here before you know it, filling up the tank.

As the year goes on, prices at the pump are going up. Students and faculty are starting to find transportation quite difficult. It is a constant expense if you have a job or are attending school regularly, you are always spending money.

Filling up tanks can be a huge purchase for some people depending on what type of car they drive.

Senior Alex Blythe said, ” I drive a Mitsubishi Galant and it takes around $35 to fill up my tank. I am at the pump every single week to fill up. I work at Giant and they barely pay enough to help with gas. If I ever had to drive an SUV, I would never be able to afford it.”

President Barack Obama suggested some ways to help the gas situation.

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“We should be investing in new technologies,” he said, “so we can replace the internal combustible engine, which has served us well, but it’s time for us to move on, because we want to get rid of fossil fuels.”

It’s difficult for students to think about new technologies when are finding that paying for gas is becoming quite difficult, even with having a job.

“I drive a 2001 Mazda Protege and it takes about 25-dollars to fill my tank,” senior Cheyenne Brubaker said. “I work three days a week at two Cousins in Millersville and it takes one day to pay for a tank of gas and I am paying weekly.

A few seniors have a good paying job but would rather be saving up their money for something else that would benefit them for the future.

Like senior Jenna Spayd who drives a 1996 Dodge Neon.

“It takes around 30-dollars to fill my tank each week,” Spayd said.  “Even though I work four to six days a week and get paid well, it is still difficult to find money for gas sometimes. There are better things I could be spending my money on. Gas is a once and done thing, you pay for it and when it’s gone it’s gone, you can’t re-use it. I would much rather be putting my money towards something for college, like a new laptop.”

Brubaker said, “It’s hard because teenagers have to pay for college application fees, visits and just college in general. That is a big expense for a teenager to be paying for. With being in school it gets difficult because that means less working hours each week for students.”

By Allana Herr