Millersville Parade Finishes its Westward March

The Lone Ranger and Silver are once again riding into the sunset, this time along with the rest of the Millersville parade participants.

The parade took place Sat., Oct. 23 at 9 in the morning. In its 14th year, it experienced its largest number of participants with over 2,300 people, floats and animals marching through the streets.

Comet Man sits on top of a western-themed horse drawn carriage. Photo by Cassie Funk

With a special appearance by The Lone Ranger and his horse, Silver, and new additions to the lineup such as the inflatable mascots and the Original Hobo Band, the parade managed to entertain the hundreds of people that showed up to watch and cheer.

“This year we had good community support,” said parade chairman, Steven DiGuiseppe. “We raised over $21,000 to keep the parade running.”

DiGuiseppe has been the chairman of the parade since it began. He coordinates the participants and community groups that volunteer to march.

Native American dancers perform in the streets

“Doing the lineup is definitely my favorite part about the parade,” said DiGuiseppe. “I have to coordinate music groups next to non-music groups. It’s a fun challenge that involves so much thought process.”

Because of DiGuiseppe’s hard work and hours of devotion to the parade, it is an enjoyable community experience for the residents of Millersville.

The parade will continue for years to come as long as it is welcomed by the Millersville community and good support is shown.

With this year’s parade finished, DiGuiseppe can now relax until he must begin planning next year’s parade and start the challenging process all over again.

By Cassie Funk

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