Go Green or Go Home

Penn Manor students and faculty are going to be tested on how much they care about the environment.

A new recycling initiative, originally started by facilitator of the gifted, Sallie Bookman along with Jake Shiner, Mike Nitroy, Sarah Schaeffer, Kate Harrold and Ellen Blazer, was created after they attended a leadership conference in Penn State last spring.

“I do it at home so its hard not for me to do it,” said Bookman. “Its a good thing for all of us to do.”

Maddy Hess and Alicia Burns are part of a recycling program at Penn Manor. Photo by Kyle Hallett

At the leadership conference they had to pick one thing that they thought their school needs to improve on. Another school decided that improving on school spirit would best fit. Penn Manor picked recycling.

But it didn’t work right away.  That was six months ago.

This September a new and improved recycling effort was launched. And now several groups are working together to make sure they succeed, creating a club and getting more people involved.

Learning support teacher Rachel Taylor’s Life Skills students collect used newspapers for recycling and use containers set out by Waste Management.

“Bins randomly showed up after Mrs. Bookman left a message,” Maddy Hess, a senior at Penn Manor High School said.

School starting a new recycling program.

Extra bins were placed around the school to collect as much recycling materials as possible, including paper cans and empty plastic Turkey Hill bottles.

“By law, the school is required to recycle,” Hess said.

Everyday Penn Manor High School goes through an average of 800-1000 plastic Turkey Hill bottles.

One of the group efforts is to contact Millersville businesses to donate money in exchange for their logo that will be placed on the back of a recycling t-shirt to be sold at high school lunches in the near future, which will also support the environmental effort.

By Mary Treier

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  1. Go green or go home? OK, I’ll go home in my Hummer H2 while drinking from a plastic water bottle while bringing my groceries home in plastic bags.

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