Comet Softball Players Recap Their Season

With eight wins and eleven loses some might say that the Comets softball record wasn’t anything to write home about, but the players say they had more fun than ever.

Varsity third baseman, Brittany Wright said, “I had a lot of fun this season, we managed to squeeze in eight wins which isn’t bad because our softball teams past records aren’t exactly great, we should have won a few more though”

Wright’s most memorable moment of the season was when the team “ten run rolled Catholic.”

She said it was the first time in ten years they had accomplished that..

Saying the final goodbyes to all the senior players and captains during senior night was another of Wright’s unforgettable moments in softball.

Kirsten Bechtold, a senior first baseman who is going to be attending Penn State University, and is considering playing softball there, but isn’t sure.

“It is a great possibility,” said Bechtold.

Although their record was not the best, all in all the girls still had fun, including a great senior night where the girls got to thank their coaches and parents for paying their respect by coming out and supporting the teams, and thanking the senior girls for their leadership.

Kendra Keuper pitcher for softball.

“Capping a fun filled season off with a cake and silly string fight was fun too!” said Bechtold.

Third baseman, Lauren Gerlach, a former sophomore on the junior varsity team enjoyed watching and cheering on the varsity players and is looking forward to joining this year’s varsity girls season.

“Kirsten was a great member to the girl’s team,” said Gerlach.  “She really seemed like she had a good bond with the whole team and really knew how to pick everyone up from an upsetting game with great words of wisdom.”

These Comets know how to accept the fact that it’s not always about winning, it’s about having fun.

“I’d have to say losing to Township was pretty devastating.  We should have played better, we definitely could have won if we hadn’t been overly confident in our skills. It’s the little mistakes that add up and cost you a game,” said Bechtold.

“The biggest thing I think our team needs to work on is our team work.  The more we work as a unit the better we play,” said Wright.

“They had a good season and it will be a hard job for our coaches to find replacements for the amazing seniors we’re losing,” said Gerlach.

By Kayla Pagan