Do you do the Dew?

White out is where it’s supposed to be, and by the looks of it now, it’s going to stay.

Dew-mocracy, a marketing move by Mountain Dew makers, is sweeping the nation with votes from people who want to keep their favorite new flavor of Mountain Dew.

At the moment, White Out, the new citrus-flavored drink made by Mountain Dew is leading votes, and why is that? Because it is the best drink out there.

There is also Typhoon, which is a “punch of tropical” and Distortion, that is packed with lime. These flavors shouldn’t have a shot at staying. Distortion tastes like a Sprite with loads of lime piled into a bottle. Not very original.

Typhoon is just another tropical punch in a bottle, the only difference, probably more sugar and sodium. If I wanted tropical punch I would get a Capri Sun. They both taste exactly the same, but Capri Sun has better nutrition.

But when I take a sip of a nice, cold White Out, my taste buds want nothing else but than me to finish off the drink and get another one. White out may not have the strongest taste in the world, but it is delicious. Sure hits the spot.

How many drinks do you know taste like citrus? Still thinking? Think harder. Didn’t think of many at all did you?

I know why you didn’t, White Out is the most original drink to hit the shelves since “Bawls” energy drinks.

Want some proof? Here it is, this is a map of PA that shows the counties that favor the different drinks.

White-White Out



If you won’t listen to me that White out is the best drink, listen to PA, or the rest of the nation.

White Out is currently leading with overall votes in the U.S.  It has 44 percent of the votes, Typhoon has 40 percent and Distortion has 16 percent. Enough said.

But for a different flavor on this controversy check out Gabby Myers latest post:

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By Mike Bouder

6 thoughts on “Do you do the Dew?”

  1. I agree
    out of all White Out is the best
    Typhoon is in close second for me
    Distortion is just Mountain Dew Sprite

  2. white out is going to win even though typhoon is the best nice story bro/brahh

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