No More ‘Clubbin’ for the School Year

It’s Thursday again and I am sitting here bored in homeroom.

There is only a few weeks left of school and I am trying to enjoy what is left. All students have to go through finals, study hard and work like they have never worked before to make sure they do well in all their classes.

But one thing that I looked forward to since day one was going to club every Thursday. When I wake on Thursday mornings, my motivation to get out of bed is knowing I could play floor hockey.

Now for others, it’s different clubs they enjoy including chess, basketball or newspaper clubs. I can say that I am probably not the only person frustrated that I can’t participate in club for the remainder of the year.

Mike Bouder - Penn Points staff writer

What I keep wondering is, why exactly do we not have clubs for the rest of the year?

Whatever the reason, its unfair. If students need time for tutoring, they are supposed to skip  club, anyway. If not, administration punishments ensue. I know that, and I am sure the rest of school does as well, its common sense.

If there is one thing that I would tell the school administration and board is:  keep clubs all year. There’s really no need to make these students suffer in homeroom when we can be doing the things we love.

Some clubs benefit and help students in their classrooms, they advance learning and thought, like German club.

I have never been in German club but I sat in a homeroom while the club was going on. They do activities having to do with all things, well, German. I’m not saying the kids don’t have fun, just that if they want to get more in-depth into German, they turn to their club.

My new end of the year resolution is to get through the rest of the year without losing my sanity sitting in homeroom and not running around joyfully playing floor hockey.

By Mike Bouder

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