$1000 Dollar Reward Offered To Penn Manor Residents

Bring out your recycling bins Penn Manor- cash prizes could be coming your way.

Chestnut Grove, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the environment in the Penn Manor School District, is offering money awards to residents who are using innovative ways to change our community for the better. This year is their third “Seeds of Sustainability” competition.

In a press release, Cabell Kladky, the Chestnut Grove Foundation president said, “The “Seeds of Sustainability” program recognizes and rewards local homeowners who have demonstrated good stewardship of the natural resources on their properties.”

“This project was the brainchild of one of the board members to inspire people to protect our local environment,” said Kladky.

Homeowners in Penn Manor are eligible for cash prizes of up to $1000, $500, or $100 for any project that has been completed in the last five years.

One previous contest winner retro-fitted a farmhouse with geo-thermal heat. While this may be absolute gibberish to some, it is great news for environmentalists.

“Rather than forcing people to [‘go green’], we focus on what local people are already doing to protect our environment,” said Kladky. “The more innovative and inspiring the project, the better your chances are to win.”

Projects can be as simple as finding a way to grow your own fruits and veggies when living in an apartment complex.

Other possible projects for homeowners include : improved habitat for wildlife, increased home energy efficiency, woodland or wetland restoration, re-use of gray water, minimizing stormwater runoff, constructing a green roof, or using innovative energy conservation measures.

The cutoff for applications is July 9. However the applications have not yet come pouring in.

“Our first year we had very few applicants and the second year we had about twice that many,” said Kladky. “We have not been overwhelmed, but it’s only our third year.

According to the press release, application form are available at www.ChestnutGroveFoundation.org or by calling 872-4142.

Winners of the contest will be announced September 2010.

By Emily Brody