Fire Drill Scare Just a False Alarm

Monday, students at Penn Manor were left wondering why they were forced out into the sticky, humid morning weather twice in one day.

At the beginning of second block, students were interrupted by a routine fire drill.

In the middle of B lunch/third block, even more unexpectedly than the first time, another fire alarm erupted in the hallways and classrooms throughout the school.

“It was a waste of time,” said sophomore Willie Welsh.

Some students questioned whether or not the fire drill was legitimate, noting the sounds of fire trucks seemingly approaching Penn Manor High School.

“I thought it was really long,” said sophomore Nick Cunningham

According to principal Phil Gale, the first fire alarm was a drill. However, the second fire alarm was due to a faulty sensor somewhere in an unspecified location of the building.

Despite the sounds of fire trucks, the waves of mass confusion and the sight of principals on their cell phones, Penn Manor remains safe for another day.

By Zane Sensenig and Paul Slaugh

10 thoughts on “Fire Drill Scare Just a False Alarm”

  1. The fire alarm sensors must have mistaken the hot, humid, sticky air in the school for an actual fire…I made the same mistake myself today. Some AC would be nice tomorrow…

  2. The school needs to buckle down and fix our fire alarms. This is twice now that they’ve malfunctioned.

  3. the only thing i was worried about was if it would rain and if i would lose my story i am writing

  4. we were going to go back in and the teachers were like no no go back out go back out.

  5. Ms. Cox and I had a converation during the second fire alarm and she said that it was, in fact, a faulty alarm. She also told me that, because the fire company was informed, the school would have been fined for having students in the building(which is why they made us go back outside).

  6. Fortunately, Mrs. Cox was able to assure my class that a small spider or dust ball was the culprit.

  7. Good thing it wasn’t a bomb threat, or else we would have just stayed in school without anyone telling us about it.

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