Stretchy, Stretchy, Stretchy, still a Duck

A new fad is smacking Penn Manor students right in the face. SillyBandz.

SillyBandz are the average jelly bracelets but when they are removed from the wrist they take the form of an animal or shape. They come in every color including glow-in-the dark! They come in many different packs such as the pet pack, the zoo pack, the sea pack, the basic pack, the dinosaur pack, etc.

The SillyBandz idea was thought up by Robert Croak. They are sold only in the US and Canada but other places are looking into possibly selling Sillybandz as well.

“The thing that I like most about Sillybandz is that it teaches kids how to share,” Clair Lethart said an employee working with SillyBandz.

Sillybandz became popular last year (2009) but are becoming more and more popular this year.

Sillybandz are sold on their website for $4.95 for a 24 pack of bracelets, but they can be found at various other places like 5 Below or Walmart.

But what is it about these new bracelets that is driving students mad?

Students at Penn Manor had a variety of reasons.

“I like Sillybandz because they’re cool and amusing and you can stretch them,” Becca Eckman said.

“They’re stretchy and they prettified my wrist and I like taking it off and showing people my long-neck giraffe,” said Genny Leonards as she played with her bracelet.

“I like Sillybandz because they’re puuuurfect,” Zach Miller said referring to his kitty cat Sillyband.

Sillybandz are very popular not only in Penn Manor but all over the United States and Canada.

It looks like Sillybandz might find a way to stretch themselves worldwide.

By Gabby Myers

10 thoughts on “Stretchy, Stretchy, Stretchy, still a Duck”

  1. Personally i think sillybandz are the dumbest thing ever. OOO look i have a piece or rubber on my wrist.

  2. I think it’s weird how everyone freaks out about these bands, sure there cool and all, but i don’t see the big deal about having a piece of plastic on your wrist, than have it change into something like a duck. To me its childish. You’ll never catch me with one on my wrist. I had one before as a gift from my boyfriends sister, and a girl freaked out on my because i had a house. She was spazzing out because i didn’t want to give it to her, but eventually gave it up after her wanting to fight me for it. Like i said before, there very childish, and you’ll never catch me wearing one ever again after that. I feel that these bracelets should be banned in schools, not because i feel there stupid, but because they are a major distraction to students of all ages. This is just a personal opinion, but i still feel very strongly about it.
    Thank you. 🙂

  3. These horrendous “bracelets” shouldn’t be prohibited from school property. All they do is distract students and teachers alike.

  4. I like my crazy bands. I do not get distracted and my son gave them to me. I wish I would have been the creator of the bands. This guy is making a ton of money!

  5. What i don’t understand is why people like them so much. i asked one and they didn’t give a straight answer. please find out!

  6. The fact that people think they are worth fighting over, and thinking they are a huge distraction is obsurd…

    It’s a bracelet, nothing more…I’m sure the people thinking these bracelets are a distraction, don’t ever have cell phones, personal notes, bubble gum or any other object that they “shouldn’t” have in their posession…it’s a fad…just like everything else. Once people get it out of their system, they will move on to something else. If your truly into your studies, as you should be, and focus on them…it won’t be a distraction…

  7. I finally figured out the point with a friend of mine…SELF-DEFENSE!! Someone bugging you? Shoot your duck at them. When they conpain you can say aww look at the cute little duck.

  8. Until they make them in shape of a marmoset, or perhaps a prairie dog, I refuse to purchase any.

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