The Joyful Return of Glee

What are you doing at 9:28 on Tuesday night?

Many people will be watching Fox Network’s award winning musical comedy Glee, which returns at this odd time to the delight of its millions of fans, who are not only teens, but teachers, parents and the elderly as well, all who call themselves “gleeks.”

Glee follows the challenges of starting a show choir, named New Directions at the fictional William McKinley High School in Ohio. In the first 13 episodes, characters found themselves dealing with a competitive cheer leading team, romance and being bullied by their fellow classmates.

Glee returns April 13 for fans everywhere. Photo from

“There’s so much on the air right now about people with guns, or sci-fi, or lawyers running around. This is a different genre, there’s nothing like it on the air at the networks and cable” said show creator Ryan Murphy to

After a four month hiatus, fans are more than ready to have the show come back.

“I love it! I really think this season will expand on all the drama that last season left off,” said Penn Manor sophomore Maranda Kurtz, “I love the different characters. I can’t wait!”

“Yea, I’m excited. I want to be able to see all the episodes because I didn’t get to last season,” said Tim Deubler.

The remaining nine episodes will feature brand new cover songs that will range from The Beatles to Christina Aguilera including an entire episode dedicated to Madonna.

“The songs are so catchy!” said Kurtz.

“All the music comes from so many different genres. It’s a great variety,” said Deubler.

The soundtracks have sold millions of copies, prompting the cast to go on tour – visiting Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York according to

Glee has already been renewed for a second season, and the creators are looking for new cast members who can send in audition tapes through according to

Fans can continue watching now until the season finale on June 8, and after that there are sure to be enough songs to hold them over for the summer.

By Lindsey Ostrum and Mike Nitroy

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