The Art of April Fools

Last week, Principal Phillip Gale decided students won’t have to make up snow days this year, returning to us our days off.

April fools!

Watch your backs Penn Manor, April Fools Day is approaching and you never know who’s going to get you.

“Last year someone put a lunch tray in my back pack and I didn’t even realize it until I got home,” said sophomore Junior Suarez. “I still I have it too. That’s a souvenir right there.”

Junior Emmy Hess said “In sixth grade my teacher put a fake rat in my pencil box. I freaked.”

But not all people go all out on their jokes.

“I tell my kids that some project’s due that day but nothing big. They wouldn’t fall for it.” said English teacher Holly Astheimer.

Sophomore Brendan Kincade said “The only thing that’s happened is my mom told me I had off school.”

Kristina Simon talks abut her feelings for April Fools Day Photo by Lindsey Ostrum

“[April Fools Day is] kind of stupid and kind of fun,” said Kristina Simon. “You get to pick on people but its a pointless holiday ’cause it doesn’t mean anything.”

So if it really is pointless, why did the holiday start?

In the 1500s the calendar changed. Those who forgot to change their calendars and celebrated New Years on April first, which was the New Year in the previous calendar, were called April Fools.

This holiday has been around for a long time, but people still aren’t remembering it.

“I didn’t even know April was that close,” said Amber Schwebel. “But I guess I could try to get someone.”

“I completely forgot about it,” said Suarez, “but I so will [trick someone] now that I know.”

So, whether you plan on tricking somebody or not, be on your guard Thursday April first.

By Lindsey Ostrum

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