Career Day Aimed at Students’ Future

Penn Manor was taken over by DJs, chefs and accountants Friday to give students the opportunity to explore their future during Career Day.

The counseling department worked for months to prepare and organize the annual event.

Marjean Long, guidance counselor, said, “I think it went very well. I wanted to get kids into the speakers they wanted, but it was hard because of the snow day because some speakers couldn’t come today.”

Students met by graduating class in the auditorium to learn about life after high school. Photo Jim Yearsley

But setting up this massive event had it’s challenges.  Students attended three sessions including a large-group seminar in the auditorium with eight speakers who have attended various colleges.

Penn Manor students learned about various jobs on Career Day. Photo Jim Yearsley

Professionals across the spectrum were represented from attorneys to a dog trainer, a psychologist to a state police officer – and everyone in between.

“It was hard getting all the kids to sign up because it was our first year using SurveyMonkey,” said Long.

Sophomore Christina Stoltzfus said she would have enjoyed Career Day more “if the speakers would have been more enthusiastic. They were just too long.”

But more good came from it than bad.

“Yes I did [enjoy Career Day]. The assembly was very long and a bit boring, but I enjoyed listening to the speakers,” said freshman Nick Charles.

All kinds of careers were represented including art, dance instruction, health fields, teaching, the military, landscaping, nuclear engineering, small business and accounting, to name a few.

Principal Jason D’Amico said, “It fits in with our goal to help students prepare for life after high school.”

By Sarah Schaeffer and Mike Nitroy

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