Can “Yous” Please Talk Right?

“That ain’t right.”


What “ain’t” right is your grammar.

Being in school every day, I hear hundreds of voices. Voices that are yelling and voices that are whispering. I hear the voices of students, teachers, janitors and anyone else who happens to be in the halls of Penn Manor. Everyday I am amazed by the amount of improper speech that flows from every sort of person’s mouth.

I don’t understand how after spending at least nine years in school, no one seems to understand there isn’t an “s” on the end of “you” or that things went “well,” not “good.”

Sarah Schaeffer has bad feelings about bad grammar.

When I hear things like: “Can I go to the bathroom?”

I’d like to reply, “I certainly hope you can.”

It’s exactly like nails on a chalkboard for me.

Each time I hear that our school has “less computers” than is desirable, I desire to stamp the word “fewer” on their forehead. It’s as if no one has ever heard of the word.

Everywhere I turn, phrases like “alls you got to do” and “I should of” get under my skin and on my last nerve. I would be willing to do just about anything to rid the school (and the world) of these horrendous sentences.

Maybe I’m hyper-aware of these mistakes because I was raised with bad grammar as the “Eighth Deadly Sin” and “grey” was spelled with an “e,” never an “a.”

Regardless, poor grammar just “ain’t gonna” cut it with me.

By Sarah Schaeffer

15 thoughts on “Can “Yous” Please Talk Right?”

  1. I agree with this article,for the most part, the words like “ain’t” don’t bother me much
    its the text talk that gets under my skin
    it’s like people are too lazy to write out their words now.

  2. I think if you want to be with your friends and joke around and use improper grammar it’s fine, I know it can get annoying sometimes..but I don’t see why people make a big deal out of it. As long as you can write a proper essay and speak appropriately when called for people shouldn’t have to be expected to be serious and speak perfectly at all times.

  3. @Kay:
    The thing is, most people who use improper grammar can’t type a formal essay. In fact, most of the ‘hics’ who use improper grammar are failing regular courses because of such grammar.

  4. I’m glad that someone decided to write about bad grammar, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially, “yous” and “aint,” I hate it so much, that I have to correct people mid-sentence.

  5. or when people say “yo, dats mad ignorant!”

    look up the meaning of ignorant, and stop saying it so much.

  6. if you aren’t M&M don’t talk like you are. but Ain’t doesn’t really bother me too much, I mean its just a form of self expression and they are worse ways to express yourself.

  7. >I’m glad that someone decided to write about bad grammar, it is one of my biggest pet peeves. Especially, “yous” and “aint,” I hate it so much, that I have to correct people mid-sentence.

    Masterful troll or spectacular fail. YOU decide.

  8. ^ All I have to say is lol. This writer’s opinion is amazing, I definitely agree with what she’s trying to express. Honestly, it’s quite accurate. Generally students these days cannot speak or write with proper English, it’s quite sad. Almost makes me want to do a article on using words like ‘you’re’ in sentences in-comparison to ‘your’.

    I’m a junior at Hempfield High School.
    Currently I’m a writer for our school Newspaper.

    Maybe go check us out at:

  9. seriously.

    That is very annoying. You just get done saying you hate bad grammer but you used text talk as part of a statement. Can you spell Hypocrite? Not trying to be mean but that just bugs me so much. Anyway, this is a great artical, more people should read it.

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