Found Guilty Of Senioritis

My head is on the desk, and my eyes are on the clock.

“Hello Penn Manor, here are today’s afternoon announcements.”


“Dessie, I need your permission slip, still.”

Five minutes till the bell.

“Narrative essay due tomorrow.”

I wonder when bathing suits go on sale…

“Why were you late this morning??”

Four minutes until the bell.

“Where is your excuse at?”

Three minutes till the bell.

“Shhhhhhh, students, pay attention!”

Two minutes.

“Don’t forget to do your homework!”


I’m so sorry, but this student has been found guilty of senioritis.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy going to school but I couldn’t be more excited to move on.

I mean it’s kinda difficult to focus on the next quiz coming up when I’ve already paid my college down payment, booked a dorm room and found my roommate.

And now that all the icebergs have melted throughout Lancaster, the weather has finally become comfortable even enjoyable.

Hello summer.  Hello College.

I apologize, but can you really blame me?

When asking teachers what senioritis entails, there is always one single response- laziness.

Dessie Jackson contributes her column to Whisper Down the Web.

I couldn’t agree more.

I have become a lazy lump.

All I can think about is putting on that navy gown, and throwing my cap high into the air. I’m humming Pomp and Circumstance for Pete’s sake.

Who could ignore the class picnic, going to Dorney Park and prom– seriously? Would homework really be on my mind?

“Sorry, I forgot my homework.”

Well, actually, I forgot my bookbag. I never even took it out of my car.

I know, I know, you can’t give up, you can’t flunk out, you can’t totally tune your teachers out and you still could get a rejection letter, even if accepted to your choice university.

So maybe the word “lazy” hasn’t hit me yet.

I mean, I am writing this article.

Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic.

But then again, June hasn’t rolled around yet.

By Dessie Jackson

6 thoughts on “Found Guilty Of Senioritis”

  1. I’ve been having “Senioritis” since sixth grade and I’ve only been able to free myself of it halfway this year. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it’s just a comfortable routine that kind of sticks. We’re forced to go to school and because humans don’t always like to be told what to do, we do the opposite of what we’re supposed to as a rebellion. Too bad we don’t realize, or try to fix the fact that our rebellion has/will backfire until way later. Hello summer school.

  2. I got hit with senioritis before this school year started
    and now I starting to regret it seeing as the school year ends in what? 2-3 months?
    and I have work to do to pass 😛

  3. I hope I don’t go through a case of senioritis next year! I can understand losing focus though for sure.

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