Temple Got Scammed By NCAA Tourney Seed

Temple got scammed.

Selection Sunday was just two days ago and I still can’t get one thing off of my mind; Temple is a five seed.

Maybe it’s because ever since I was a little kid my father and I watched Temple basketball, or because our basement was filled with posters of Aaron McKie, Eddie Jones and Rick Brunson. Maybe, I am a little biased.

The fact that Temple was at one point 15th in the nation and that the Atlantic Ten was a tough conference this year, gives me the impression that they were the most under-seeded team in the nation.

To add insult to injury, they drew the best 12 seed in the tournament; Cornell, a team that could have easily been a 10 seed after winning the Ivy League championship.

To support my argument, I heard Doug Gotlieb, an ESPN NCAA Basketball analyst, say that Temple was the most under-seeded team in the tournament; it’s good to know I am not the only one who is distraught by Temple’s seeding.

My prediction: Temple will make it to the sweet 16, beating Cornell and Wisconsin, but then lose to Kentucky. So I guess it’s not really worth getting worked up about!

By Zane Sensenig

2 thoughts on “Temple Got Scammed By NCAA Tourney Seed”

  1. i agree to man i can’t believe that they have a great season and then they’re awarded with playing the best twelve seed in the tourny

  2. I also agree. Temple should’ve been a 3 or 4. Now they’ll just have to prove themselves worthy on the court.

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