PM Nation – All-Star Games: Are they Meaningful?

This is the first edition of the weekly column PM Nation by Cody Straub and Taylor Groff. The two will debate a relevant sports topic for the week. After reading the debate, the readers will have the opportunity to share any comments they have about the subject. This week’s topic is, should the NBA All-Star games be meaningful like Major League Baseball’s game.

PM NATION - A sports debate

The leagues we will debate will be the MLB and NBA. The MLB and NBA hold their All-Star break in the middle of their regular season. The top players in each of the leagues are chosen as an All-Star by the coaches and fans of their league.

Cody Straub: When 108,000 people attend this year’s NBA All Star game, why change it?

Taylor Groff: Just because numbers are going up doesn’t make the viewers 100 percent satisfied. One of the only interesting things that took place in the All-Star game was everyone finding out that Dwight Howard can pull up and drain a three (point shot) out of nowhere. It’s absolutely ridiculous and boring. I would rather spend my time watching the cooking channel than staying up watching this pointless game.

Cody Straub

CS: Just because it’s past your bedtime doesn’t mean every other fan didn’t tune into the best pick-up basketball game in the world where Superman (Howard) is dropping threes, and other great players in the league are trying crazy stuff to entertain the fans. If you want to see the best basketball players play against each other for real, just go to any NBA arena during the season. The All-Star game is meant to entertain and amaze people by showing the other side of the player’s skill.

TG: My bedtime would be later if this game was something I could actually enjoy watching. I do agree that the All-Star weekend is supposed to entertain the fans, but I would rather see the league’s elite players playing in a high intensity game.

Taylor Groff

CS:  Nobody cares what you think. It’s about all the fans.

TG: Considering I am a fan and I do care says enough. This game should be meaningful. I am not the only fan that would like to the see the best players in the world compete at a higher level and possible play for home court advantage for the NBA finals.

CS: Home court advantage should be given to the best team playing in the finals. Home court should not be given to the team in the best conference but be given to the best team, like Superman and the Orlando Magic.

TG: That might be, but look at the MLB, for instance. Their All-Star game winner gets home field advantage in the World Series. Since they decided to make the All-Star game meaningful, the ratings have risen by about two million viewers, according to I think that this would have the same effect on the NBA if they would consider doing this.

CS: Taylor ,when 108,000 people go to the game, I don’t know how much more popular it can get. The All Star BREAK is a break for these players during a long and demanding season. They need time to goof around during the serious season.

TG: Well, that’s all we have for today.  I would like to give a shout out to my boy Kevin “Durantula” and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

4 thoughts on “PM Nation – All-Star Games: Are they Meaningful?”

  1. Watch who and what you disparage – I love the cooking channel! Unlike other high stress TV (such as NBA All Star games) things always turn out right in the end and there’s never anything to be unhappy about unless it’s who won the Iron Chef challenge.

  2. You guys had compelling points but I would have to agree with T-Groff. The all star game should mean something. I can not wait to read the next article, keep up the good work.

  3. The shopping channel is more exciting then the NBA All-Star game. Seriously all the All-Star games expect the MLB All-Star are boring. They just show the good players and then they play a quick dull game.

  4. seriously guys i think that the cooking channel is great. Its really exciting and full of awesomeness. The way that they cook is so masterful.

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