Parking Deck Precipitation Plagues Penn Manor

Another winter storm sits on deck- the parking deck that is.

Penn Manor High School students are bracing themselves for what is shaping up to be another massive snowfall, the second in one week.  Beside the conditions of the road, students are also concerned about the state of the parking deck.

Spaces are shrinking as snow piles up on the parking deck. Photo By Dana Poetzl

“I’m paying $20 and it’s still a sheet of ice,” said Kristina Mast.

According to Eric Horst, head meteorologist at Millersville University, 10-18 inches of snow is predicted in another new storm.  Now add that prediction to our current one and a half feet accumulation.

“Half the spots (parking spots on the deck)  are already covered in snow, there is no room for everyone to park, and it’s not fair,” said Dani Leon.  “It’s a hazard,” she added.

The parking deck is full of ice and snow from February snowstorms. Photo by Dana Poetzl

A winter storm warning is in effect Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students are concerned about their cars and their safety.

“There are a lot of people who don’t drive because the deck is that bad,” said Leon.

If snow does shut down school Wednesday, school will be in session on Friday, which was originally a pre-planned snow make-up day.

Students have their fingers crossed for a snow day and that the deck will be ready for parking the next day at 7:30 am.

By Dessie Jackson

7 thoughts on “Parking Deck Precipitation Plagues Penn Manor”

  1. Nice article Dessie. The custodians have been working very hard throughout the snowstorm. Unfortunately, there is limited space to put the snow. I’m afraid it will be some time before the big snow piles will melt!

    Dr. Leichliter

  2. I park in the junior lot, and i no longer have a spot. I have parked somewhere else for the past week because my spot is covered in snow. I think Penn Manor needs to start plowing a little better.

  3. Yo, broskeet, all you gotta be doing is getting a skid-steer and moving the snow! As Ms. Brody mentioned, the students are paying big bucks for those spots.

  4. Here’s a thought! Why not have each owner of a parking spot,shovel out their own spot? That way they can put the snow in the right place and all will be happy.

  5. When you say “big snow piles will melt,” are you saying that you’re okay with massive sheets of ice endangering student drivers? Not even okay with it, are you saying that it’s your plan?

  6. It’s not ice, ben. it’s snow. and I think Mr. Wealand has a great idea. Maybe add in a discount to the parking passes, and we can get some more people to go with this.

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