Walker’s Weightlifting Record may be Best in the World

Dillon Walker is Penn Manor’s (and the world’s) own record-setting athlete.

Walker is the strongest pound-for-pound power lifter in the 123 lb. weight class at Penn Manor.  But his efforts have been recognized way beyond the walls of this school. 

Walker has been lifting since his seventh  grade year.

Recently, Walker unofficially broke a world record here in the Penn Manor weight training room. The previous world record was set at 358.2 lbs. Walker tore through that record with a 365 lb. deadlift and he continues to keep adding the weight to the bar.

Dillion Walker weight lifter.

This spring, the Penn Manor junior is going to Moscow, Russia for a world weight-lifting competition and hopes to get the gold medal for the U.S.  and break the world record – officially.

“I commit all my success to Russ McDonnell,” Walker said.

Walker comes from a generation of weight lifters.  His dad and his older brother have lifted for many years and are still lifting.   His older brother, Zane, has broken previous records in the deadlift, squat and all-together weight, but the younger Walker has already broken his older brother’s deadlift record.

“When he lifts, it’s like magic” one classmate commented, earning Walker the nickname “Harry Potter” in the weight room.

He plans to continue lifting until he can’t lift any more.

By Tyler Keith

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