Tide Rolls on over Wounded Longhorns

The third season is the charm.

In just his third season as Alabama Crimson Tide head coach, Nick Saban had his team in the center of the Rose Bowl stadium, accepting the 2009-2010 National College Football BCS Championship trophy.

Though the enjoyment of Alabama was most likely due to the injury of Texas Quarterback, Colt McCoy. McCoy was knocked out of the game about midway through the first quarter by a hit on the shoulder by Alabama defensive player Marcell Dareus.

Many are certain that if McCoy had not been injured, that the Longhorns would find themselves in the center of the field wearing the ever-cheesy smile they are known for. Texas was leading 3-0 and in the red zone ready to score once again.

Nick Saban opened up the first drive of the game by having his team fake a punt on fourth-down and throw the ball, which was intercepted by the Longhorn defense. The following drive, Alabama allowed the kickoff to be recovered by Texas, without even touching the ball.

The Tide benefited by a 49-yard run by halfback Trent Richardson and an interception thrown by Texas’s freshman back-up quarterback Garrett Gilbert. Without those two big plays, the halftime score would have been 10-6 Alabama.

Texas opened up the second half with two touchdowns and a two-point conversion. The score was 24-21 Alabama with just six minutes left. Alabama responded with a touchdown making the score 31-21 and scored yet again after a fumble by Gilbert late in the fourth quarter.

Had McCoy played in the entire game, the outcome may have been different. Alabama may have actually had to show up and play.

Texas suffered from less than half the rushing compared to Alabama, twice the penalties and five turnovers, though the Longhorns had 195 passing yards compared to the 58 by Alabama.

Alabama will try and prove themselves ready for anyone next season. ESPN analysts already predicted the Tide to be number one next season. For all you Penn State fans, the Nittany Lions will travel to Tuscaloosa on September 11, for the second game of the season.

By Tyler Barnett

3 thoughts on “Tide Rolls on over Wounded Longhorns”

  1. I hope the nurses give the wounded longhorns medicine so their wounds don’t get infected and sore.

  2. The longhorns would have done better if Colt Mccoy wouldnt have gotten injured. Although the freshman quarterback that replaced the injured Mccoy didnt do bad for his first big game. I think, although many longorn fans will deny, is that Mccoy getting injured didnt effect the outcome of the national title game.

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