Inside the Mind-or Computer- of a Janitor

The decade began in the middle of a weather pattern that puts to mind the word “Ice Age” to some. Only this ice age won’t include any acorn-chasing prehistoric squirrels and beastly mammoths.

Temperatures are below zero, and not just in the north- but nationwide. This same weather pattern is putting a strain on the school heating system and parking lot maintenance.

The janitorial staff has the benefit of an up-to-date computer system which connects to every room and the building heating system. They are able to see how open or close the vents are, the temperature set in the room, and the temperature of the air coming out of the heating vents.

Every room is set to 70 degrees from six am in the morning until three thirty pm, where the system enters night mode, which is set to 60 degrees.

Mr. Homsher and Mr. Dickenson continued to explain that if they are aware that any room or area will be in use after three-thirty, they will make sure that the room’s heating system is still set at 70.

The janitors went on to explain that when bodies enter the room, the room temperature increases, the vents will then pull cool air from the outdoors in order to cool the room back to 70 degrees. This will continue in order to maintain the set temperature.

And many times when the air seems cool, it may just be that the air is anywhere between seventy or even ninety degrees, but as long as the air is below body temperature (98.6 degrees), the air will continue to feel cool to the touch.

Earlier this week there was an issue, when the eastside boilers were broken, but as of now they are working up to par.

The system runs on both gas and oil, though by law, once the temperature including the wind chill reaches 9 degrees, the system must switch to oil, which will burn at a higher temperature.

Regarding this season’s frequent dusting of snow, there is simply nothing they can do except spread both salt and cinder along the pathways and parking lots, which they do just prior to teachers and students arriving at school.

By Tyler Barnett

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  1. Hi. Please refer to our sanitation staff of Penn Manor as custodians. Our custodians deserve this respect, and should not be referred to as “janitors.” As far as I am concerned that term is taboo.

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