Lots of Fun Planned for the Holiday Break

With 11 days of Christmas break, presents will have been given, feasts will have been made, and snow will possibility have fallen from the sky. Not exactly white, a forecast has been made about this Christmas being a rainy one. Although it’s not sure the weather outcome, many people at Penn Manor have plans for their long break:

Juan Cubano – Hang out with friends and “do some crazy sledding stuff.”

Deryk Morales- Playing hockey.

Cree Bleacher- Hanging out with friends and quality family time.

Chloe Reisinger- Probably not play in the snow.

Tiffanie Ray- Going to a couple New Years’ parties and “eat lots of food and candy. Yum.”

Dana Poetzl- “Working at HOLLISTER!”

Suzi Groff- Working, sledding, and making snowmen.

Christy Rhoades- Visit sister and go sledding.

Forrest Lovett- Play basketball, go snowboarding and bake and eat Christmas cookies.

Juan Montez- Relaxing, making igloos and playing snow soccer.

Keith Eshelman-“Cuddling in warm blankets sipping warm cocoa by the fire.”

Christopher Rossi- Catching up on sleep.

Erik Klugh- College applications and snowboarding in the Poconos.

Lakan Rightnour- Working and cheerleading.

Jocelyn Mylin- Musical jam session with family.

Jerad Heming- Playing football.

David Bresh-Cleaning floors for a job.

Ellen Blazer- Watch family open gifts.

Natalie Dell’Esate- News year’s eve parties

Lynn Torbert- Shopping for myself.

By: Alex Geiger

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