The Gift of Giving Grows at Penn Manor

Since last year, Penn Manor has offered a gift to the community – the Giving Tree, an activity that fulfills the Christmas wishes of those who can’t afford to buy Christmas gifts.

“It’s a really good activity that we’re doing,” said Megan Harris, a senior in student council since her freshman year.

The Giving Tree reaches out to families in the Penn Manor school district, elementary schools, middle schools, and the high school and puts out tags with Christmas wishes from the families. The tags with the wishes on them are to be taken, by those willing to buy a gift for a family, to the library by Dec. 16.

The Giving Tree at Penn Manor
The Giving Tree at Penn Manor Photo by Alex Blythe

“It’s getting us into the holiday spirit,” senior student counsel member, Taylor Eichelburger, said.

This year, the number of families that were helped through the Giving Tree has doubled since last year.  Students and faculty who want to help those that can’t afford to buy gifts for their family, can take a tag, and spread the holiday joy.

Last year, the Giving Tree helped 10 families with 100 tags. This year, the presents will be going to 25 families, and 450 tags were posted.

“Hopefully this year goes as good as it did last year,” junior student counsel member, Mikah Farbo, said.

“Clothing, shirts, pants and the younger kids prefer games. The boys want foot balls, the girls want makeup,” Good said about some of the Christmas wishes from the families the giving tree helps, “It’s not all toys.”

“Shoes, clothes, toiletries,” Harris said, “stuff we take for granted.”

By Michael Stokes