Christmas Wish List – What PM students want in 2009

Wish lists are a very popular thing during the Christmas season. Many parents insist on their children giving them ideas of what they would like for Christmas. Giving gifts and having a great time with family is what makes the Christmas season jolly.

According to “Radical Parenting”, the top ten gifts to get teens include…

1. A laptop

2. A cell phone (unlimited texting is the only way to go)

3. A digital camera (Ashton Kutcher anyone?)

4. A pet (no iguanas please)

5. DVDs (recent movies, favorite movies, entire seasons of shows such as Gossip Girl, Heroes, Lost).

6. An iPod

7. CDs

8. iTunes/Money/Gift Cards

9. Clothes (sometimes gift cards are a more satisfactory gift)

10. The ultimate gift—Robert Pattinson (for the girls of course) and Megan Fox (for the boys)

Penn Manor students however are asking for something a little different then “Radical Parenting” suggested, much different.Picture 002

“I want a new saddle for my horse,” said Vicky Walton.

Students ask for creative things along with items that are popular this holiday season. Some of these things include an iPhone, iPod touch, digital cameras, and new cars. Tyler Dietrich wants his car repainted, “It’s all scratched up,” he said.

Andrea Groff wants a new car along with Zach Campbell and Matt Flick.  Groff is sick of her car and wants a bigger one, but Campbell just wants a newer and nicer one.

“A new car… a Porsche, I will continue to drive my 95 Buick if I don’t get one,” Campbell said.

Tanner Burkhardt said he wants money, “So then I can go out and buy my own gifts rather than people screwing up.”

Money is a common request during the holiday season so teens can go and buy what they would like or even put it into their savings account. Some teens including Emily Nickel and Chandler Miller have no idea what they want for Christmas. “I have no idea, people have been asking me but I don’t know,” Miller said.

Other items teens in Penn Manor have asked for include…


A laptop

Electric Guitar


Mac Book Pro

A Wii



North face jacket



What is a kindel you may ask? A kindel holds multiple books like a library. You can download any book you want and read them on the hand held device. According to “A kindel wireless reading device prices at $259.”

“I want an airplane for Christmas,” said Eric Gerlach.

Of course that may not be the one thing all teens want for Christmas but all teens wish for something different. This holiday season children, teens, and adults have their wish lists made hoping to receive these gifts from their friends and family.

By Cassey Graeff

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  1. I ask santa clause for PlayStation 3 but he didn’t elves make me one so I buy one last week and enjoy it much.

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