A Class Project Goes Above and Beyond

When Sally Muenkel assigned a “cell analogy project” she had no idea what to expect

For the project the students had to compare a cell to a real life situation such as a city or a school.

The students used their creativity, mixed with science, and put it into a project which allowed students to excel above and beyond, according to Muenkel

“I’ve never had these results” Muenkel says. “The creativity exhibited by the students is more than good.”

The projects varied from a field hockey game, to a farm, and then to the Harry Potter Hogwarts school.

In every model, the students had to compare every single part to a cell.

“It was one of the hardest projects I’ve had to do,” says Teerney Nace, a student in Muenkel’s, honors biology class.

Sara Bennis, also a student in the class, said “It took a week of class time to cut out the models.”

They put 100% of their effort into the project , said Nace.

“It was more fun to express the ideas of the project,” said Ian Toomey.

According to the students, the project took a lot of time to finish because “everyone was trying to be more creative than the other,” said Bennis.

“Everyone pretty much passed though,” says Kegan Miney.

All in all Muenkel said she was thrilled with the outcome and how this years project came out.

By Miriam Karebu