“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Recycling is a simple concept. Turn your unwanted materials into something useful.

But people are getting lazy.

I can’t drive down the road without seeing a cup or a bag lying lifeless on the road. It’s sad and disappointing that even now, with the hype of global warming, people are littering mindlessly, not even giving it a second glance. Sometimes, if there is no one behind me, I will get out of my car and pick up the trash.

It’s disgusting that people think it’s ok to throw their waste on the streets, while those are many of the same people who “oppose” it. The trash we throw onto the streets have long term effects on our planet. From traveling through storm water systems into our oceans and bays, harming and killing wildlife, to having negative effects on our health by the spreading of bacteria.

Not to mention that litter looks repulsive and also takes a long time to decompose.

For example:

-Banana — 3 to 4 weeks

-Paper bag — 1 month

-Cigarette butt — 2 to 5 years

-Tin can (soup or vegetable can) — 80 to 100 years

-Aluminum can (soda pop can) — 200 to 500 years

-Plastic 6-pack rings — 450 years

-Plastic jug — 1 million years

-Styrofoam cup – Unknown

-Glass bottle — Unknown


By just dropping your junk in a green bin you can help prevent global warming, save energy and reduce the amount of harmful toxins released into the environment. Recycling also has economic benefits such as creating jobs and saving money.

So think again before you throw your coke bottle out the window, it will be there for awhile.

By Katlin Blake

7 thoughts on ““Reduce, Reuse, Recycle””

  1. I for one support littering.

    It is a quick and easy way to get rid of a small piece of trash that you may have in your posession. This also gives all those kids that are REQUIRED TO DO COMMUNITY SERVICE a few more options. Also, you would have to assume that global warming is real to use that point.

    Littering, as well as recycling…creates jobs. That’s right, there will be some poor kid that got stuck doing community service picking up your trash while you laugh at them for having to do that stupid project. Sure it’s not a job that pays…but it’s one just as rewarding in character. As for saving money…well, it saves time to just throw it out the window, and time is money.

  2. Umm… so your saying that your a trashy person an you like to look outside and see trash in your lawn?

  3. honestly, how in the world do people know how long it takes for a milk jug or a plastic 6 pack thing to decompose??? they haven’t been around for that long so how would the even think that it would take so long? what did the dinsaurs or cavemen make the plastic jugs and were like “Cut up the 6 can rings! it will save the earth!!” “(sarcastically) Oh dont kill the earth”

  4. global warming is a complete and total scam! And further more there should be no problem throwing food remains like a banana peel out your window cause those will actually help the enviroment more than it hinders it since when food decomposes it can become a great fertilizer.

  5. @ROFL PROPHET!!!!
    They know how long it takes for stuff to decompose because they use their knowledge of science and decomposition to calculate the amount of time it takes. Either that or they have a time machine that can send them back so many years and if it is gone then they know that’s how long it takes. However, I doubt the latter.

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHH! i feel like im surrounded by people you hug trees and lick moss because thier parents were hippies.

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