Black Friday Will be an Event for Penn Manor Students

It’s ten-thirty on a Thursday night; most people are getting ready for bed. You however, you’re getting ready for the big sales.

Black Friday begins in a few hours.

Black Friday is known as one of the busiest retail shopping days of the year. The term “Black Friday” comes from olden days when accounting records were manually kept. Red ink indicated financial loss while black ink indicated profit, thus coining the popular fiscal terms of being “in the red,” (losing money) or “in the black” (profitable).

Penn Points  has investigated local sales, and found out what’s hot this season on Black Friday.

Maddie Mull said, “I’m probably shopping for Christmas presents, and looking for sales on fun clothes and boots.”

“The mall scares me,” said Mrs. McMullen, “I will never go to the mall.”

Some Penn Manor students talked about how people get very antsy on Black Friday, because they might miss the deal they want.

One student, Tanya Luckenbaugh said, “I’ll punch someone in the face if I need to.”

Last year on Black Friday the Xbox 360 was the most wanted item. However not one interviewed student at Penn Manor had an Xbox on their mind.

While most students had simple things like clothes in their focus, a few students had high expectations for their finds.

“I’m going shopping for my car,” said Michael Schneider, “I’m looking to spend around $4,000.”

A few stores are opening as early as midnight Thursday, and many great sales are to be found.

Will you find yourself out at the sales?

By Lyta Ringo

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  1. This article was both interesting ans very true. I really liked how you asked some students what they were shopping for. Since I read this article I have thought of new ideas for our own newspaper. This article is very well written and thought through.

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