Grizzly Guys of November

The month of November is full of turkey, graduation projects, and facial hair.

Everywhere I look, I see a half -hearted beard sprouting up here and there, each one as equally bad as the one before it.

David Mohimani
David Mohimani ponders the important issues.

In most cases, students look like they have a prepubescent hygiene problem rather than a beard.

Who started No-Shave November, anyway?

Nobody knows, yet dozens of students are putting away their razors for the month of November, myself included.

Some students have been able to boast a nice little beard,but most can’t even manage a rough goatee.

We have all had a nice laugh over kids who are sporting half -beards and whiskers. We’ve also marveled at the few students who are able to grow a complete beard.

We joke about the kids who look like they’re in seventh grade and could barely muster up a pimple,  let alone a few whiskers. We ask them if they are participating in No-Shave November just to get a laugh.

November was somehow chosen as an arbitrary month for guys to relax and not have to shave but are girls granted the same leisure?

But is No-Shave November fair to everyone?

What if girls put their razors away?

I think No-Shave November would quickly turn into a forgotten pastime, if even 10 girls were to allow their body hair to be seen by the school.

Fair or not, that’s how society is and even though I know girls have body hair the same as guys, it’s just not acceptable for them to go unshaven.

So if it is deemed socially unacceptable for girls to do this, then it should be for guys too.

Enough is enough. I stopped to look at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help but smirk at the ridiculous whiskers protruding from my face.

Tonight I have a date with my razor and I suggest everyone else who is boasting a half-beard do the same.  Let’s agree to leave it to the professionals.

By David Mohimani

4 thoughts on “Grizzly Guys of November”

  1. I disagree with it not “acceptable for them to go unshaven” Them meaning girls. I think its quite acceptable. I know that Many girls don’t shave all the time; who really has the time to do that? I know I don’t and guys dont really mind. I am part of no shave. I haven’t shaven my legs a few week

  2. I have lived here for 9 years; before that I was in NJ. I learned of “No shave November” just recently. The supposed reasoning behind this is to keep your face warm during hunting season. I think a clean shaven male looks much more presentable but hey, we’re in Pennsyltucky now. I say that if you’re not getting paid millions to keep your face clean shaven i.e. the Yankees, then grow that hair boys. Just know you wont be as attractive to your female counterparts.

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