I Survived: the Parking Deck

The other day I was on the parking deck and, being my first day in my coveted senior parking spot, I didn’t feel the need to pay attention.

Now if you’ve never been up on the deck you might not understand, but it’s a senior war zone, imagine the parking deck filled with seniors trying to get out of school at the end of the day? Do i need to be any more descriptive than that?

Abby Wilson
Abby Wilson

If you aren’t turned completely around in your seat backing out, and possibly have an aerial view of your parking space, like on Google Earth, you won’t move without a fight.

It would seem to me that the parking deck should have extra large spaces, since the deck is predominantly for seniors, and let’s face it guys, we’re not all the best drivers. At least I know for sure that I’m not.

As I attempted to back out of my spot blaring Biggie Smalls, I almost hit three different cars. As people were screaming bloody murder for me to stop (I could only tell this as I turned around and saw their mouths moving, hence the loud music) all I could do was laugh. For some reason whenever I royally mess up while driving I laugh, not a good trait I must add.

Anyway, after I almost hit the person behind me, who coincidentally was the same person who had been parked beside me, I thought I was in the clear. So I continued to back up until I saw a huge truck in my rearview that would have been a new addition to my car if I wouldn’t have stopped.

FINALLY I got out of my spot and almost, almost, almost rear-ended the person in front of me.

I believe some day there will be an “I Survived: the Parking Deck”  television special on the BIO channel for any of you fellow science nerds.

By: Abby Wilson

2 thoughts on “I Survived: the Parking Deck”

  1. Haha, yeah, this is why I walk home… I’m not taking the chance of hitting another car. My insurance is too high as it is…

  2. this is gonna be really hard when my sister finally gets her licence, she cant even back out of the drive way without getting someone [ mad ] at her, let alone parallel parking. lookout drivers!!!

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