Facebook Announces Memorial Guidelines

Since the passing of Cory Denlinger  this past summer, the loving comments left by family and friends could break the heart of even the toughest man.

A recent post, left by a friend of the funny, outgoing 2007 Penn Manor graduate: “everyday this week I’ve been thinking of you! I got to describe you to all of my roommates last night and share some hilarious stories… we were all sitting around cracking up. You still can make anyone laugh 🙂 I miss you so much Cory.”

From Cory Denlinger's Facebook memorial page
From Cory Denlinger's Facebook memorial page

From Facebook:

Cory Denlinger was loved by everyone he met and will be missed by all.

Please share any stories about Cory on this wall, I know we all have one,

and his family greatly appreciates them.

The posts that loved ones are continuing to cherish will remain, thanks to Facebook’s new policy announced October 26.

Facebook’s head of security, Max Kelly, made the official announcement to media reporters explaining the memorializing of its users, according to Time Magazine Online. Facebook spokesman claims this option has been present since shortly after the creation of the social networking site.

Facebook makes the process quite simple. If the family of the user wishes to terminate the deceased’s profile, they can surely do that. The second option is to complete an online form, which requires a link leading to the obituary or other proof that the user has actually passed away. This would create a Facebook memorial.

Along with the memorial, any friend suggestions, user updates, and status updates would no longer show up under the “news feed.”

Kelly released a statement where he said, “We understand how difficult it can be for people to be reminded of those who are no longer with them, which is why it’s important when someone passes away that their friends and family contact Facebook to request that a profile be memorialized.”

Facebook does not officially have the new guidelines as a part of their privacy policy, however, according to Time; the changes will be made in the coming days, most likely the end of October.

Facebook claims that they have no plans to change the basic idea of this policy, despite the outcry of a handful of critics, including MySpace, which continues to struggle with determining such a policy.

The family and friends of Cory Denlinger will forever be reminded of his loving charm and humor, and through Facebook, be able to share the stories that make Cory,  a “Corlinger.”

By: Tyler Barnett

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  1. Thank you for writing this story! It is so true how helpful the stories have been for Cory’s family. We miss him terribly – more each day, but the opportunity to read a story of how he made people laugh -smile – enjoy a day – can ease a bad moment. Facebook has been a great source for me to hear from all of his friends as they let me know how they keep his memory alive each day.
    Peace <3 "Missing the 8" Always…

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