Television Station Visits Penn Points Newsroom

Penn Points Online is gaining  lots of attention in its first weeks of release.

A crew from a local television station, WGAL, made an appearance at Penn Point’s newsroom Thursday to feature the online news magazine’s debut as one of the first student newspapers in the state to become totally web-based, eliminating any sort of traditional paper version.

“I was impressed,” said Lori Burkholder, a WGAL reporter, “especially with your featured video.”

Susan Baldrige, Penn Points Online advisor, was first to be interviewed.

“I was a little nervous, I’m not used to being interviewed, I’m used to being the interviewer,” said Baldrige. “I was nervous I would forget something.”

WGAL reporter, Lori Burkholder, and cameraman, Dan Maddox, visit Penn Points news room.

Pioneering an online school newspaper in Lancaster County has put Penn Points and its staff on front stage. Dozens of e-mails, posted comments, and positive feedback  has graciously flooded the school newspaper and its staff.

Networking, getting to know people, and educating ourselves on not only local politics but national politics were just two skills the staff should be working on, advised Burkholder, with her 20 years of  experience.

Burkholder also interviewed editor-in-chief, Robert Henry, senior Abby Wilson and long-time staffer, Andrew Zell, to find out how the paper has changed and the direction it is heading.

Most of  the young journalists on the newspaper staff were videotaped working on deadline stories at their desk.

Penn Manor’s Information Technology director, Charlie Reisinger, who first conceived of the online paper, was on hand to answer technical questions for the reporter.

WGAL’s story on Penn Points Online is slated to air the week of November 2.

By Robert Henry

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  1. i think its kool that we are recongnized for haveing the only newspaper online in the state and that wgal actually noticed us for it. I also read in the paper today about the online newspaper, it talks more about it in there.

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