Potholes Plague Penn Manor Drivers and Others

By Eli Marcelino –

Don’t worry, its not a flat tire. It’s just a pothole.

Warmer temperatures may be a welcome relief for those weary of winter, but they don’t do local roads any favors.

This year, there have been 278 reports of potholes in Lancaster city’s streets and alleys. That compares to 510 during the same time frame last year and 309 in 2009.

Although no one is keeping track of the number of potholes that have opened up around Penn Manor, local drivers are definitely noticing them.

“It’s annoying,” said Aron Basile, a safety education teacher at Penn Manor High School. “We have so much bad weather causing this.”

Potholes like these found in Millersville irritate drivers. Photo by Eli Marcelino

Wendy Letavic, an English teacher at the high school, is one of the many people who complain about the potholes in the roads.

Letavic said that she has to go around them because she thinks that her car is going to fall apart.

“I think it is something that must be fixed because it could cause an accident or damage to your car,” she said, adding, “even though I know that it is expensive but necessary.”

Workers for contractor J.D. Eckman Inc., spent Monday and Tuesday repairing sections of North Prince Street in Lancaster city, where potholes have appeared in recent weeks.

“I hate it, specially when I’m on my way to school,” said Ariela Contreras, a senior.

On North Prince Street, sections of the roadway that failed after being repaved just four months ago are being repaired. The repairs are the responsibility of the contractor because the contract has not been completed.