Penn Manor Students Plan to Reel in a Big Catch

By Evan Shertzer –

PLOP! waiting…. waiting…. waiting…. plunk. plunk. waiting…. plunk. REEL!

The regional opening day for trout season is Saturday, April 2, and with the weather forecast in the mid 50’s there are bound to be plenty of fisherman out on opening morning.

One of the many fisherman who are ready and excited about the first day of trout season is Josh Carle, senior, who has been a fisherman for about over a year.

“I have track practice in the morning, but when that is over I will be heading out to get some trout,” said Carle. “I will be eating what I catch on Saturday.”

A fly-fisherman hoping to catch a trout. Photo from

The regional trout season is opening in the local area, as well as a few other counties in the south eastern section of Pennsylvania. The official trout season opening day for all of Pennsylvania is April 16. The smallest size fish allowed to be caught and kept by regulation is seven inches.

Officials also open trout season at 8 a.m. and fishing is allowed 24 hours a day after that.

Another Penn Manor student heading out on opening day is Steve Short, freshman, and he’s a dedicated fisherman.

“I am going out on opening day and looking forward to it,” said Short. “I plan on catching at least five trout and keeping two to eat.”

To go trout fishing on Saturday, you can’t just go out and cast your reel, you have to pay for a license. The basic fishing license for Pennsylvania is $22.70, and for the trout and salmon stamp it’s an extra $9.70, but according to Carle, it’s good to get one.

“The cost is worth it,” Carle said. “I got mine about three weeks ago.”

Short was lucky though. According the the law, if you are under the age of 16, you do not have to purchase a license.

“I’m glad I don’t have to pay for a license,” said Short, “but I will get a license in July when I turn 16 and have to pay for it.”

This weekend’s trout season opener is always one of the biggest fishing days of the year, and Penn Manor students are going to be out there along with everyone else hoping for a big catch.

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