Sony Hacked by North Korea

By: Claudia Pluck

After Sony was hacked on November 24th, people set out to find out  who was responsible for infiltrating this big time movie company and why. According to Johnson and others from USA TODAY, when Sony was hacked on November 24th, red skeletons glowing appeared on screens in Culver City, California on Sony grounds.

USA TODAY says that it has been determined that North Korea was behind the elusive attacks. Johnson and the others also say that the U.S. investigators say that the attacks might not have taken place in North Korea, but outside of the country and was still coordinated by the North Korean leaders. They also say that on Tuesday of last week the hackers, who officially call themselves the Guardians of Peace, would attack all movie theaters that would play the movie The Interview, in a 9/11 type of attack. The reason for not wanting the movie to be released in theaters is that it depicts two American TV journalists, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco, who travel to North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un. The movie was to be released on Christmas day, but Sony has decided to not release the film now.

According to USA TODAY, the hackers stole more than 38 million files and put them on to websites where people could see the movies, some of which were not yet released. They say that the files included things like Sony films, the script to the newest James Bond movie, and personal information such as staff salary reports.

Johnson and the others also say that this is something that they haven’t seen since around the 1990’s when people would hack into places and laugh later on about how cool they were for doing it. They also say that this is not the first time North Korea has been suspected for hacking into places because they didn’t agree with the people .