PMHS Cross Country Team’s Results at the District 3 meet

By Bobbi Unger

The Penn Manor varsity cross country team had a very successful season. The team competed in the District 3 meet on Wednesday October 23, 2014. Josh Bye and Craig Jahnke are seniors who ran their last cross country meet at the district meet on Wednesday. The meet resulted in the girls coming in 27th place, and as a team the boys got 19th place. Both the boys and girls teams had a winning or close to winning season and finished with good results at districts on Wednesday.

Lindsey Lord came in 22nd place with a time of  20:16 and a pace time of 6:32. Joel Burkholder came in 38th place with a time of 17:18 and a pace time of 5:35.  Senior Joshua Bye came in 101th place with a time of 18:13 and a pace time of 5:52 and senior  Craig Jahnke came in 204th place with a time of 19:15 and a pace time of   6:12. Freshman  Zach Schucker came in 155th place with a time of 18:45 and a pace time of 6:03 and Aidan Toomey came in 159 with a time of 18:46 and a pace time of 6:03. Senior  Hannah Willig came in 146th place with a time of 22:54 and a pace time of 7:23 and senior Meghan McMurtrie came in 160th place with a time of 23:14 and a pace time of 7:29.

Freshman Lindsey Lord and Junior Joel Burkholder have been on the Penn Manor cross country team since seventh grade. Lindsey won 15 of her meets and lost 7 of her meets. Joel won 18 of his meets and lost 4 of his meets.

Zach Schucker, Aidan Toomey, and Nicholas Fafel are three very talented freshman boys on the varsity team. They were running with some of the top boys of the varsity team. Brianna Ulacky, Savanna Yarnell, and Maddie Groff are also young talents on the girls varsity team. The boys had 17 wins and only 4 losses and the girls had 10 wins and 11 losses. At the L-L League meet at Ephrata the Boys varsity team came in fifth place and the Girls varsity team came in 12th place.