ITS and Aevidum join forces to bring Penn Manor The Locker Next 2 Mine

By Cassie Kreider

Two clubs, Aevidum and ITS, are joining forces to put on a play on a touchy subject.

The play, “The Locker Next 2 Mine,” follows the story of Alisa, who has recently moved to a new school and received a locker next to the shrine dedicated to Beth Turner. Beth died in a car accident the previous year, and a group known as the ‘M’ Squad is determined to keep her memory alive. But Beth was not the only student to have died the year before, although her death overshadowed the other one and left many students feeling lost.

Mackenzie Trimble, a senior at Penn Manor, said, “this show means a lot to us and we know that it is a touchy subject.

Trimble is an ITS Member, and one of the choices to be stage manager for the play.

Mrs. Mintzer could only think of this play during the Aevidum meeting Penn Manor had at the beginning of the year and has wanted to try putting it on ever since.

Trimble said, “We are ready to take a risk and show Penn Manor what we are made of. It’s going to be rough but we will pull through.”

Mickayla Baldwin will play the parts of TV reporter and a student named Louise (Lou for short), she is also in the ensemble.

This third show is unusual for the theater department, which usually only puts on two productions a year, a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. The set will be a combination of props from other plays and musicals, and will be very minimalistic.

“The Locker Next 2 Mine” can be seen at Penn Manor on April 11 and 12 in the auditorium. Ticket prices will be announced near the end of March.

Aevidum, since its start early this year, has kept busy not only with the play, but with other things as well.

Olivia Bailey, a senior and member of Aevidum, explained some of the events the club is putting on.

“We are planning to have an anonymous pen pal system for people who need someone to talk to,” Bailey said. “We want to create positive posters to hang around the bathrooms and hallways,’ to continue to promote their message.

But that’s not all of it.

Bailey mentioned that she and fellow Aevidum member, senior Victoria Jones, along with a few actors have created a 60-second suicide prevention video for PAYSPI, The Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative.

She explained that the video will be shown over the announcements.

“There will be there will be time to take out your computer and to vote for our video,” said Bailey. “There is also a 30-second video which is composed of Aevidum members standing in certain formations that spell out the suicide prevention hotline.”

Bailey also mentioned that the club has been giving out lollipops to anyone to who was willing to “Pledge Aevidum”. Students who pledge Aevidum also stamp their fingers and sign their names pledging to “Have each others backs”. Aevidum plans to hang these pledges around the school.

Mickayla Baldwin wears the Aevidum shirt.
Mickayla Baldwin wearing the Aevidum shirt.