Addressing rumors about new driving rules

By Olivia Hertzler

The most exciting thing for many teenagers turning 16 soon is finally being able to start driving.  If you’re like many Penn Manor students, you might have heard that if your birthday is after December 31, 1997, then you have to have your learner’s permit for a year.

Fortunately for those about to turn 16, this rumor isn’t true.

“I’ve heard some students say that we need our permits for a year, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to find that.” said sophomore Emily Thryrum.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website ,“a six-month skill-building period to practice and gain experience is required before a young driver may take the road test for a junior license.”

Act 81 of 2011 increased the number of supervised hours teens are required to spend behind the wheel from 50 to 65.

After six months of driving with your permit you are eligible to take the test for your junior licence.  According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation website, a junior license will include some of the following restrictions:

  • Nighttime driving restriction beginning at 11 p.m.

  • A limit on the number of passengers in the car who aren’t immediate family members.

For more information about requirements for new drivers, see the Pennsylvania Young Driver Law fact sheet.