Sheetz planned at Comet Field

By Brandon Kauffman

After 12 years of planning to build a convenience store plans at Millersville Commons, plans are set and construction almost underway. When completed, the pricetag will be approximately $7 million dollars.  Construction on the Sheetz, bank, and retail stores are expected to begin in May of 2013.

The Sheetz is being built right beside Elizabeth Martin Elementary school on Route 741 and Barbara Street, where a new Martin Elementary school is built beside the old one.

The Elizabeth Martin Elementary school is scheduled to be completed in July 2013.  This could mean a lot of construction traffic from May until July.

Some people are happy about the convenience store while others are less excited.

“I think it is a grand idea to build ( a Sheetz), but it will also make the traffic much worse,” said Brady Jordan. “I do like that I will be able to get gas and food easier after school.”

The 1.7 acres of land is across from Oak Leaf Manor, diagonal from Martin Elementary, behind Crossway Church and beside comet field. The planning commission created plans on March 7, 2012 which call for a 6,800 square foot Sheetz, 3,800 square foot drive-thru bank and 15,000 square feet of retail stores.

“I think it is a great idea to built a Sheetz. It will be convenient and a good place to eat.” said senior Dominic Masiano. “But I do think it will ruin the business of the Comet Field snack bar.”

Plans are also call for an extension of Wabank Road farther west to Barbara Street. There would also be sidewalks through the buildings to make it safer for sports players or anyone walking to Comet Field, according to Lancaster Online.