Walking Dead Season 2 Finale

By Dayonte Dixon –

Popular drama Walking Dead Season 2 ended Sunday March 18. Walking Dead script writers did a great job holding up to their usual action-packed and suspenseful reputation.

The season 2 finale was full of action – from killing zombies, which isn’t anything out of the ordinary,  to burning barns to fast paced and wild driving. For those who were unfortunate enough to have missed the previous episode, they missed the killing of Shane.

The finale starts when Rick and his son Carl are heading back to the farm when a parade of walkers appear in the distance.

“It kept me on the edge of my chair the entire time,” senior Reagan Forrey praised the show.

Back at the house, the group is occupied by what seemed to be the second half of the parade. Herschl (Owner of the farm) has his mind set on standing his ground, but the rest of the group realizes that it is time to abandon ship. The group begins dividing as they split to enter their different vehicles attempting to get away but making sure they terminate as many walkers as possible on their way out.

Herschl, too stubborn to leave his farm behind, begins spraying his rifle into the sea of walkers but these fish were a little to big to be cast away.

Photo from online, walkers outnumber

During this time, Rick and Carl are stumbling through the fields but soon take refuge in the barn, where Rick realizes that it is time to strike back. With all of Rick’s skill and experience, he draws a gang full of walkers into the barn and closes the door behind them. After Rick and Carl escape through the back entrance, the barn quickly erupts into flames.

What seems to be an hour of shooting, stabbing and running over walkers ensures and the group abandons the farm. But not everybody escapes alive or well. Two members are overwhelmed by the army of walkers. Jimmy and Patricia (Members of Herschl’s family) do not make it.

Rick and Carl finally make it back to the farm where Rick convinces Herschl to leave his farm behind. They begin driving down the road with the glow of the barn burning brightly in the background.

The group eventually meets back on the highway only to realize that Andrea was left behind. Assuming she did not make it, the group continues on to find a new place to call “home.”

However, the group’s assumption was wrong. Andrea did survive, but only by the skin on her back. She is running through the woods taking out every walker in her way.  But walkers resemble wolves, where there’s one there’s really twenty.

The finale is almost at it’s end, but the show could not wrap up without the usual barrage of  cliffhangers. Some of the things that will leave the Walking Dead fan base on their toes until next season is the sight of the prison at the end of the episode and the hooded stranger who saves Andrea’s life in the woods. Plus the cliffhangers from earlier in the season that haven’t yet been answered, like what happens to Merle and the father and son who were heading to Atlanta are also reasons viewers will tune in next season.

The season finale has its fans both excited and sad at the same time. Excited because of the action and thriller of the episode, but also sad because it is the last episode they will see for some time.

“Season 2 finale; how pumped?” said junior Ian Martzal via Twitter ” But so bummed that it’s over for a while.”