New Face Brings Life To The Library

Students may have noticed a new face in the library and wondered just who is this mystery person?

No mystery at all it turns out. She is Diane Bounds, the new librarian.

But just a librarian is an understatement. You can call her a runner, a photographer and an educator.

The new librarian, Diane Bounds, helps a student. Photo by Sam Valentin.

She is an avid photographer, taking candid shots as a business.  Her favorite part of photography is working with the image after she captures the shot.

“I like taking candid pictures because I like seeing people be natural and honest,” said Bounds.

Another of her hobbies is running. A normal run for her is about five miles with friends after school. Bounds also is a part of an after school program called “Girls on the Run,” which trains preteen girls to run a five kilometer run and build self esteem, self respect and a healthy lifestyle.

“At the end 0f the day it helps me collect my thoughts,” said Bounds.”Have a million worries before running. After all worries seem to go away. Running gives me clarity.”

But she was not always a runner.

In high school Bounds participated in field hockey and softball. She picked up running once she started college. Bounds attended University of Mary Washington where she studied English, linguistics and speech.

She then went to the University of Maryland to get her masters degree in library sciences. But before all this she graduated from Conestoga Valley.

In 2008 she came back to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania as a librarian for Hambright and Conestoga elementary schools.  Before that she worked as a librarian in Virginia.

She is now working at the high school where she took over for Sue Hostetter. She hopes to continue helping people.

“I hope to continue to make the library a place where people can feel comfortable coming to get help and find answers,” said Bounds.