Craigslist-The Hunting Grounds for a Long Island Serial Killer

By Sarah Garner –

Car parts, video games, furniture..women?

What are you really purchasing on Craigslist?

Long Island, NY has become a crime scene. Women have been prostituting themselves on Craigslist and eventually being spread all over Long Island, piece by piece.

Bodies and bone remains have been discovered all over Long Island from what is now believed to 12 different women, all of whom have previously gone missing.

Investigators have found similarities in the murders that have taken place and have come to the conclusion that there is a serial killer on the prowl.

This unknown person has been contacting women through Craigslist, a network of online communities featuring free online advertisement with sections devoted for jobs, housing, personals, for sales etc.

According to TRCB News, there has been nine victims since December 2010. Four of those nine had advertised on Craigslist.

Although what is not clear to investigators is if there is one killer, or multiple killers using the same area as their burial ground.

Police have no suspect for their case, but according to recent reports from ABC News, authorities are looking at several people some of which may also have connections to law enforcement.

“We want to bring justice to this animal that has obviously taken the lives of a number of people,” said Edward Mangano, Nassau County’s Executive.

According to the New York Time, prostitutes are now worried that their next customer will be a killer.