Smoke Hangs in the Shadows of New York

By Lyta Ringo –

Back in 2006, New York banned smoking in indoor places. Shortly after, many states began to prohibit indoor public smoking as well. New York’s ban even spread to the entire UK.

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New York is back at it again. Published on the BBC news website was an article announcing that outdoor smoking is now being banned in certain areas.

The areas include public beaches, municipal parks and even Times Square.

Spain actually took the lead on this one, banning smoking near hospitals and school playgrounds.

“I don’t think smoking outdoors is really harmful, it is what it is I guess,” said Penn Manor junior Mitch Wise, “now outside a hospital, that’s just bad morals.”

Found in the BBC news article, “New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office has cited studies suggesting that sitting three feet away from a smoker outdoors can expose people to the same passive smoking risk as would occur indoors.”

No smoking signs have become a very popular thing to see. Before you could go to a restaurant and choose either a smoking or a non-smoking section. Nowadays you can’t even smoke outside most restaurants, you’re asked to walk away. For some smokers this can be a good thing, for others it’s a hassle everyday.

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The smoking ban isn’t the only thing keeping smoking in the news either. A couple of months ago the Food and Drug Administration began considering a ban of menthol cigarettes, because they appeal to teens, they are easier to smoke and harder to quit. One Turkey Hill employee said, “They’re pushing for (a ban on menthols) by the end of June.”

That’s a hint that menthol will no longer be sold anywhere.

Again, another good push for any smoker trying to quit.

Has New York set another standard for the rest of the world? If so, how will this outdoor ban affect those who do smoke?

Sophomore Adrienne Eager said, “If you can’t smoke outdoors where the (heck) are you suppose to smoke? Just ban it all together.”



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