Osama Bin Laden Photo Malfunction

By: Lizzie Pflumm and Lauren Richards –

Osama Bin Laden might be dead, but he is still killing computers.

The FBI has issued a warning to Facebook users about a scam involving a photo-shopped picture of Bin Laden.

A picture of Osama Bin Laden captures the eyes of many Facebook users. Photo credit to Baynews.

“I saw it, but didn’t click on it,” said Kate Harrold a junior at Penn Manor.

The virus is being promoted as the exclusive photo everyone is dying to see, but it is not a real photo.  The real photo may be released as early as today, May 4.

“I just wanted to blow up the picture to look at it,” said Kenny Weidman, a senior at Penn Manor whose computer was locked after clicking on the photo.

“The picture looked photo-shopped, from the nose down was completely different than the rest of his face,” said Weidman.

Some Penn Manor students realized something was not right in the picture, and decided not to click on it.

“You can just tell when it is a virus,” said senior Toni Warfel.

“These viruses are often programmed to steal your personally identifiable information,” according to the law enforcement of the FBI.

Analysis of these attacks show that most of the malicious attacks are originating in Brazil, Europe and the US.